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The Indian River School District Early Learning, offers integrated preschool programs for children ages three and four. Classrooms include children with identified disabilities as well as children without identified disabilities.  Based on research and developmentally-appropriate practice, this “inclusion” model of programming, where children with and without disabilities are educated together, is considered to be best practice. By implementing the inclusion model, IRSD Early Learning gives ALL children access to participate in age-appropriate learning opportunities, and the supports necessary to do so.​

We are excited to provide your child with a high-quality, enriching, early childhood experience! The Indian River School District is pleased to welcome your child to the beginning of adventures in learning and cooperating with other children. The variety of experiences will develop your child’s confidence and excitement towards learning.
This website offers information on the screening process (Child Find), steps to getting started, application process and many resources for parents. We hope to facilitate Early Learning process and help parents become their child's advocate.